Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Set backs

Situations beyond my control have derailed my diet yet again.
I got sick with a little cold bug which meant I couldn't train and so I sat around eating comfort food. Nothing too bad in retrospect, just a bit of chocolate and pastry as a pie etc.
still not 100% over the bug but hope to do some light training tomorrow and back on the diet again.

Food wise I've been ok today. Oat pancakes this morning with some yogurt and honey. Salmon en croute with salad for lunch (pastry not great but it was yummy!).

Monday, 25 February 2013

Starting over!

I failed again.
I fell out of the rhythm and felt a little under the weather over the weekend so binged a bit with some cookies and other nasties!
So I restart.....again.
First test is to finish the week. Then the weekend,  then the month etc etc.
it's 40 days till my first target race in majorca and its a big mountain epic (well out of my comfort zone of track racing in the velodrome). I hope to be under 80 kilos for this event and then see if I can stabilise that weight long term.
So here we go again with my targets and goals.  
No alcohol, no chocolate, no deep fried foods, no bread if possible and limited dairy.
So far so good today (although I have had a few pieces of my all natural homemade flapjack)
Take each day as it comes!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Phase 2

After a bad weekend (planned on a cheat meal on Thursday night but it turned in to 4 days of eating out and drinking due to unforeseen circumstances such as old friends come back into town for the weekend etc) I've been back on the diet since monday. The bad weekend put about 2.5 kilos back on (back up to 85 ish which was what I was when I started) but a few good days and lots of hard training has brought me down to low 83s.
Had a craving for chocolate again yesterday but managed to resist popping to the shops. To aid my dieting further I brought a whole lot of fresh fish (cod, tuna, swordfish) to add a bit of variety into my meals.
I think I've realised that the original diet was a little too optimistic and cutting out all non-natural foods is very very difficult and probably leads to a big crash. I'm being a little more realistic and considering things like a little cheese on a jacket potato a nice treat to have every couple of days.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Days 10,11 and 12 - 10th - 12th feb

It all got too much. I caved and the chocolate that's been in the fridge for the last few days proved too tempting. It was dairy milk and I had about 12 squares. 
Not the end of the world but I feel the wheels have fallen off a bit and I'm now out of the rhythm of dieting. 

So what to do? 

Get back on it, more determined than ever. 
I got through today without any real issues and I want to make tomorrow and thursday morning 100% pure. The. I can let my hair down and treat myself as planned on Thursday night before finishing off the month without hiccup!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 9 - sat 9th feb

A long day so started with a decent breakfast - soaked oats, Greek yogurt and a little honey.
Work time snack was fruit and then I had some sushi when I got home.

My wife has filled the fridge with bad foods. We have wine and beer and some nachos to go with our chili (nachos and chili is my absolute fave!)
I'm going to have to use all my willpower and just have chili with brown rice whilst she polishes off a bottle of wine and and bag of nachos!
Gutted! But after yesterday's fish and chips I'm to prepared to cheat again!

Day 8 - Friday feb 8th

My cravings are getting harder to ignore and I'm close to breaking.
So.......I made flapjacks. Using oats and museli, a little butter, some honey and some wholefood peanut butter. Delicious. Trouble is I they are so good I can't resist eating them all in one go I've put them in the freezer for now.

Training on the bike was hard, my legs felt dead so I backed off a bit from what I was supposed to do and I just did an endurance ride.

For dinner I decided I needed a treat. Chip shop fish and chips! Not exactly dieting for but basically it's potatoes, and fish with batter. Nothing too dreadful.
Should keep me on the straight and norrow for now.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 7 - Thursday 7th feb

One week in and still doing well I think - well done me!
Petty straight forward today, my usual breakfast (soaked oats, yogurt etc etc), lots of fruit as a snack.
Had an energy drink whilst training (glucose solution tablet) and rice, pork chop and salad for lunch.
Made a huge chili with minced beef and mixed beans for dinner (had it without rice to lower carb intake again). Used a tinned tomato purée (which contains citric acid-not dreadful) and used chopped tomatoes and kidney beans from a cardboard carton as opposed to a can ( I've read a lot about dodgy stuff in tune lining of tin cans etc but also a lot about using fresh or dried beans being bad due to various toxins)
I'm going to do a proper weigh in tomorrow morning so we shall see how things are going.